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What do you need to prepare before implementing Fracttal?
What do you need to prepare before implementing Fracttal?
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Fracttal One is a simple and intuitive tool that allows companies to manage their assets and maintenance efficiently.

Here are some tips to take into consideration before starting the implementation process so you can achieve a successful implementation of Fracttal One.

  1. Define an implementation team: Select a team of people responsible for managing, implementing and setting up Fracttal One. Ideally, this team should know the company's processes and have experience in terms of maintenance management.

  2. Plan the implementation: It is important to plan the implementation of Fracttal One in advance, deadlines, identifying clear objectives and defining those responsible for managing the tool.

  3. Determine your user profiles: This will allow you to establish the different roles, permissions and functions that each of the people who will use the platform will have. In addition, this will help you identify which of Fracttal's commercial plans best suits your needs. If you want to know more about this point, this article can help you:

  4. Identify your processes:  It is important that before starting to register information in the platform, you take some time to think about how to structure your processes and how you would like to organize your assets and locate your users within the platform.

  5. Prepare the data: Prepare and organize your equipments, facility and maintenance plan data in a format that can be entered into Fracttal One. This includes information about locations, dates of last maintenance, technical information about your assets and other relevant data that you can take advantage of in your management (remembering that quality is more important than quantity).

    If you want to know more about this point, here are some articles of interest:

  6. Set up Fracttal One:  Make sure you set up the platform according to the needs of your company and your maintenance processes. If you want to know more about this point, this article can help you:

  7. Train your staff: Train your staff in the use of Fracttal One and in the maintenance processes that will be implemented.

  8. Test the system: Test the system to make sure it works properly before final implementation. Test all functionalities and maintenance processes to detect possible errors or issues.

  9. Communicate on the implementation of Fracttal: Communicate to all company staff about the Fracttal One implementation and the launching date. This will help create awareness about the importance of maintenance management and the use of the software.

In summary, for a successful Fracttal One implementation, it is important to follow these steps to ensure that the software is properly configured, data is prepared and organized, staff is trained, and testing is performed prior to final implementation.

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