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Types of user profiles
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There are 6 types of user profiles on Fracttal that differ in the actions that they can perform on the platform. Below is a description of these 6 types of profiles:

  • Administrator: As the name suggests, this type of profile doesn’t require a permission group because as an administrator there won’t be any type of restrictions.

  • Technician: This type of profile requires a permission group and can only view work orders that they are responsible for. It excludes them from viewing work orders assigned to other users.

  • Limited Technician: This type of profile is designed for those companies that have a large number of technicians who only complete their own WOs. This profile only has the option to complete WOs and make work requests. It doesn’t require permission groups because it has them by defect.

  • Custom: This type of profile depends on the permission groups that are assigned to it. It has the advantage of being able to view work orders it is responsible for as well as those of the other users on the platform.

  • Read-only: Corresponds to the accounts that are only allowed to view the platform modules without doing any kind of editing. It also has the capacity to generate work requests. This type of account is meant for those who don’t do any editing on the platform but who need to monitor the data. For example: managers, some types of supervisors, clients who need to monitor a contracted activity.

  • Requests: Corresponds to the accounts that are only used to report incidents or make work requests. This type of account is ideal for people who don’t participate in maintenance, but are capable of requesting work from the maintenance department. For example: production supervisors, equipment operators, clients who are provided services, etc.

Note: The requests and read-only profiles are unlimited, while the administrator, technical and personalized profiles are subject to the plan purchased for the platform. The limited technical profile is marketed as additional users.

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