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How to automatically update a PowerBI report?
How to automatically update a PowerBI report?
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To configure the automatic update you need to perform the following steps below:

  1. Open the Project in Power BI and click on Publish.

  2. Choose a Workspace to publish and click "Select".

    Note: then you must wait for the publishing process, when it is finished it will show the Success message as shown in the picture below.

    When you finish publishing you should log into Power BI on the web.

  3. Open the workspace where you published the project.

When you open the Workspace you will soon see your published project, inside you will see the database and the report.

Now we will set up the automatic update in Power BI Web.

  1. Click on the button to schedule the update.

  2. In datasets, open Data Source Credentials.

  3. Click on edit credentials.

  4. Fill out the form with the API Key and API Secret information and change the privacy level setting to Organizational.

  5. Go to Scheduled Refresh.

  6. Fill out the form with the required information.

    Note: You can choose the weekly update option and choose on which days the update will occur.

  7. Set the time when the update will take place.

    Note: You can set an e-mail address to receive notification in case of update errors.

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