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How to connect Fracttal One with Power BI?
How to connect Fracttal One with Power BI?
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To connect to Power BI it is necessary to access Fracttal, go to the settings module >> security >> API connection and generate the API Key data.

NOTE: Once the information is generated, it must be saved in a notepad, because if you generate it again, the Secret API will be changed for security reasons.

Direct Connection

  1. Access Power BI Desktop > click on get data > Web.

  2. A window will open that tells us "FROM WEB" in which we must enter the URL of the API query

    NOTE: You can go to: to access the URL's endpoints

  3. We must go to "BASIC", in the user name field enter the "API Key", in the Password field enter the "API Secret", then select the API we are going to query and finally select "Connect".

  4. Once the previous window loads, it shows us the details of the query made.

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