Can I edit or reopen a completed WO?
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Due to our commitment that the work orders can be 100% auditable is that when sending a WO to closed status we are confirming that all the data provided therein are verified and correct. This is why we have the WO in Review status to confirm this information, so that the data already confirmed cannot be modified as suggested by the alert that appears when the WO is sent to the Finished status: How to change a WOs status?

In the case where the resources have not been added or some are missing, we do have the option and you can do it by following these steps:

1. Enter the settings module and then enter the User Accounts sub-module, going to the PERMISSIONS tab:

2. Select the permission group that will be granted the option to add resources when the WO is closed as shown in the following image

Finally, the changes are saved and you will be able to enter new or more resources in a closed WO.

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