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How do I change a WO’s status?
How do I change a WO’s status?
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Work orders can have the following statuses:

  • WO in Process: Work orders whose tasks have not yet been completed

  • WO in Review: Work orders that have all the tasks completed but have not yet been reviewed and signed off

  • Closed WOs: work orders that have been reviewed, validated and signed off as completed and closed

Once a WO is generated, the work order progress percentage is automatically adjusted during the process of completing each of its tasks. Subsequently, when the WO achieves a progress percentage of 100%, the next step is for it to be signed and qualified (this signature and qualification can be carried out by a person who validates the execution of the WO on-site).

The Kanban view displays each WO at its current status. Work orders can be edited and its status changed from this view.

To change the WO status from WO in Process to WO in Review, do the following:

  1. In the Kanban view, select the WO from the “WO in Process” column

  2. In the work order edit window, open the “Additional Options” menu

  3. Select the “Send to Review WOs” option

4. The system will open a window where you will be asked to rate and sign the WO before it is sent to Review status.

5. Click “Save” to save changes

6. Note: steps 4-5 are not mandatory. To avoid adding a signature or a rating, click the “Skip” button

Note: If the asset associated with the WO has a meter subject to task triggers, the system will show the option to update all the readings of the meters.

7. Click on the meter to update the meter readings

8. Once completed, click the “Save” button to save the changes and send the work order to the WOs in Review status.

The work order status has now changed from WOs in Process to WOs in Review and will appear in the “WOs in Review” Kanban column.

Upon completion of the above steps, the work order will automatically move over to the WO’s in Review Kanban column to be validated or verified by the responsible person, before being finalized. At this point, the printed format of the WO is available for display. Here the signatures of both the person who qualified it, as well as that of the person responsible for the WO will appear.

After the WO has been validated, the system will allow two options, to return the WO into Process (if it hasn’t met a requirement) or to qualify the WO as Closed (consider that this process is irreversible).

To change the WO status from WO in Review to Closed WOs, do the following:

1. Select the appropriate WO from the WOs in review Kanban Column

2. In the work order edit window, open the “Additional Options” menu

3. Select the “Send to Done WOs” option

4. A confirmation notification is displayed to make sure that you want to close the Work Order (this step is irreversible). Click the “Yes” button to confirm.

The process is now complete, the WO Status has changed from WOs in Review to Closed

WOs. The WO tile will now appear in the Closed WOs Kanban column.

Note, The Closed WO will have the 3 associated validation signatures appear in the printed format of the work order.

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