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Tasks with meters, how is it defined? How do I link plan, meter and assets?
Tasks with meters, how is it defined? How do I link plan, meter and assets?
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Meter-based maintenance helps us create tasks that activate depending on the number of hours a certain equipment has been in operation, the number of kilometers travelled, number of units produced and critical variables such as temperature, pressure or humidity.

To define a task associated to a meter, we should go to the work management module, and then “Planned Maintenance”.

The meter associated to that task can be created previously from the meter monitoring module, go to how to create a new meter?

This meter can also be created when you define the planned maintenance with its respective task as shown below:

Once the planned maintenance has been created, you should define the task

To associate a meter to a task, add the trigger Each (for example, each 10 km) or the trigger when (for example, when the temperature is higher than 90°C). Both base their triggers on accumulating and non-accumulating meters respectively.

Once the general, subtasks, resources and attachments tabs have been defined, link the assets to the PM and associate the meter that will activate that task.

Select the assets and then configure the triggers (define the meter associated to the assets that will activate the tasks).

When configuring the meters, enter the meter description, serial number (optional), last value (Fracttal will count this value for the next activation), date (of last value), monthly average (if known) and the option for automating average. This process must be repeated for all different assets.

To star tasks, click the link button on the top right.

This way, we will have created a PM with tasks associated to a meter.

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