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How to view the content of a work requests?
How to view the content of a work requests?
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From the task module, it is possible to observe the requests made by customers through work requests. This ensures that users with access to the order can review all the information in read mode, which facilitates detailed understanding of what is required.

Executors can better understand the requests by directly accessing the detailed information. This leads to more accurate execution, reducing misunderstandings and improving the quality of the response. It also speeds up response times and strengthens communication between teams, optimizing asset and resource management.

Steps to display content in work requests:

  1. Click on the top left, in the main menu.

  2. Click on the Tasks module.

  3. Click on Work orders.

  4. Locate the assigned work order.

  5. Click on Detail of the request.

    Then, you are redirected to the work request information. Here you can see details like the person who created the request, the description explaining the reported event, the related asset, etc.

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