Available in the New version Fracttal 5.0 2024. Official release April 1

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In a world driven by technological innovation, Fracttal One 5.0 has an ally: Tony Bot! This innovative assistant is integrated into the platform to completely transform the user experience.

Key benefits of Tony Bot:

  1. User-friendly interaction: Tony Bot provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing users to communicate with the platform in a natural and effective way.

  2. Continuous learning: TonyBot has the ability to constantly learn to provide personalized and meaningful support, adapting to your evolving needs.

  3. Respuestas rápidas y precisas: Con acceso a una amplia base de datos, Tony Bot responde rápidamente a consultas y solicitudes de información, agilizando el flujo de trabajo del usuario.

The scope of Tony Bot:

Tony Bot is not only an assistant for daily maintenance, but also an invaluable resource that expands the horizon of possibilities for users. From providing detailed information to clarifying complex processes, Tony Bot becomes the ideal assistant to optimize maintenance work.

Tony Bot represents a significant advancement in the Fracttal One platform, offering a range of useful tools that increase the efficiency and productivity of active users in their daily maintenance activities.

Get ready to experience the maintenance revolution with Tony Bot!

Recommendations for using TonyBot

  1. Use simple language:

    Ask questions using clear and simple language. Avoid complex technical terms and opt for easy to understand expressions.

  2. Use maintenance terms:

    When interacting with TonyBot, use specific terms related to maintenance and software to get more accurate answers. Some examples include:

  3. Clarity in the questions:

    Avoid long questions; instead, ask concise questions of no more than two lines containing relevant keywords.

How to access TonyBot?

  • After logging into Fracttal One, users can find TonyBot in the upper right corner, as shown in the image.

  • Clicking on the icon will open a chat window that will allow you to interact with TonyBot.

  • You are now ready to interact with TonyBot, he will respond immediately.

Supported languages:

Currently TonyBot is only available in Spanish language.

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