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Fracttal One Suggestion Portal
Fracttal One Suggestion Portal
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Fracttal One, a maintenance management platform, has excelled in providing its users with an exceptional and secure experience. Behind this remarkable experience are the "Fracttal One Enhancements," a series of fundamental upgrades that are implemented in the software to ensure that users enjoy smooth operation and enhanced security. In this article, we will explore the origin of these enhancements, how users can influence their development, and the steps to suggest an improvement that will make Fracttal One an even more powerful tool.

Sources of Fracttal One Improvements

Improvements in Fracttal One have two main sources that drive the constant evolution of the platform. The first source comes directly from users. Through the "Suggestion Portal," users have the opportunity to propose ideas and improvements to the platform. However, not all suggestions are implemented immediately. To be considered by the technical team, a suggestion must meet three essential conditions:

  1. Relevance to the platform: The improvement idea must be directly related to the Fracttal One platform, especially in the area of maintenance.

  2. Community support: The suggestion must obtain the support of a significant portion of the user community, generally we require that it be voted favorably by at least 75% to 80% of the users.

  3. Technical feasibility: The suggestion must be technically viable and feasible to implement.

When a suggestion meets these criteria, it becomes a candidate to be implemented as an enhancement in Fracttal One.

The second source of enhancements comes from the Fracttal development team. This team remains focused on improving the usability and user-friendliness of the platform, as well as always being aware of the latest technologies available in the market. Based on these considerations, updates are implemented to keep Fracttal One at the forefront of maintenance solutions, ensuring that users benefit from the latest innovations.

Steps to Suggest an Improvement in Fracttal One

For those users interested in influencing the development of Fracttal One, the process of suggesting an enhancement is simple:

  1. On the Dashboard go to the top right of the platform and click on your username.

  2. Then search for and select the option "Suggestion Portal."

  3. In the suggestion portal, you will find the option "Add a New Suggestion." Click on this option.

  4. Then complete the details of your suggestion, including a descriptive title, a detailed explanation of the proposed improvement, specification of the module or area of the platform to which it refers and your email for follow-up.

  5. Once you have provided all the details, click on "Share Suggestion" for it to be published from the portal.

Voting and User Community:

Once your suggestion has been shared, it will appear in the "Recent" section of the suggestion portal. This is where other users can evaluate it and express their support by voting for the suggestion. To vote, users simply search for the suggestion they are interested in in the "Recent" section and click on the "Vote" option next to it. Votes from other users are displayed on the left side of the suggestion text, allowing the user community to know the level of interest and support generated by the improvement proposal.

This process ensures that the most relevant and community-supported suggestions have the greatest potential to be considered and ultimately implemented in Fracttal One. The platform is continually enriched through the active participation of users and the commitment of the development team in pursuit of excellence.

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