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The "TO History" function in Fracttal One provides a chronological record of relevant actions on a Work Order (WO), such as status changes and assignments. This provides operational transparency and detailed traceability. It facilitates informed decision making, optimizes the maintenance process and enables efficient resource management by providing up-to-date information to improve productivity and minimize costs.

How to access the TO History view?

To access the Work Order History view, simply pull down the menu at the top left of the main bar and click on "work orders", like this:

  • Then click on the lower right part of the TO of interest, as shown in the image below

  • And then it shows us the history:

  • You can also access the history of the WO of interest by clicking directly on the desired WO. Then, in the upper right part of the screen, click and select the "TO History", as shown below:

Types of status in the TO history

The following are the different statuses that will be considered in this history:

  • When a task from the To-Do module is sent to a work order or an unplanned task is created and sent directly to a work order in process, it will have the following status.

  • In case that unplanned task is declared as already done it will have when it is sent to review as:

  • Or if it is sent directly to a completed one it will be recorded as:

  • When the work order interchanges between the statuses of WOs in Process, WOs in Review and Finished WOs it will have respectively the following statuses:

  • When starting any of the tasks of the WO you will have:

  • If there is a pause, it is recorded as:

  • For editing the records of these pauses it will be recorded as:

  • Or if instead of being edited it is deleted, it is detailed in the history as:


  • If the TO note is updated, the saved status will be:

  • When a change is made to the TO manager it will be listed as:

  • When a new resource or service is requested directly from the task it will have the status as:

  • And if any need to be deleted the status is shown:

  • For confirmation of the quantity will use for each resource or service the status will be:

  • For the case of unplanned tasks after being sent to a TO an asset failure is added or after created is edited the Failure Information is recorded as:

  • For what would be the handling of attachments it will be possible to register the actions when an attachment is added, its description is edited or deleted and the following statuses will be presented respectively:

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