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How to do and aprove a transference between Fracttal One´s warehouses?
How to do and aprove a transference between Fracttal One´s warehouses?
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In Fracttal One is possible to do transferences between warehouses. The meant request, the items to be transfer had to be previously declared at the destiny warehouse.

1. Warehouses, is the module where there are the warehouses inside Fracttal One. We get into it from the Main Menu.

2. In Fracttal One the approval of any Entry movement in its warehouses, due to Transference from a source warehouse, it has to set up previously, in General option from detail menu. NOTE: The "Request for entry authorisation by transfers" is an additional contracting functionality, Addon.

3. The item to be transferred from the source warehouse must also be declared in the stock of the warehouse to which the transfer is to be made, prior to the transfer.

4. To generate the transfer, from the source warehouse, in the Detail menu, select Outgoings(1), Add outgoing(2).

5. Fill in the respective form to execute the transfer:

- We select the transfer date,

- In output type: Warehouse Transfer,

- Responsible, which displays the list of our human resources,

- We create a reference for this movement,

- Destination warehouse, to select the warehouse that will receive the transfer,

- Add, to select the item or items to be transferred.

In an example, we will transfer 5 units of an 6 AWG Cable between Warehouse W-001 and Genral Warehouse. Just remains to identify the item to be transferred, this from the Add button, which will display the existence of the source warehouse, expand the Item list, and select the one to be transferred. Subsequently, we inform the amount to be transferred and at the top right, we save the request. The form is completed, and again at the top right, we save the movement.

6. Once the issue has been created in the source warehouse, it is available for entry into the target warehouse after approval. To do this, go to the destination warehouse, to the Entry section, where the entries pending approval will be shown. Click on the switch to change the status.

And we can then place a comment about the approval, which will appear together with the name of the person who has approved it. Save by clicking on the icon at the top right and the approval of the entry will have been generated, with the respective changes in the existence of the transferred item in the destination warehouse.

It is also reflected as a movement in the Movement History.

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