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Predictive models
Predictive models
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Predictive models view

  1. Models view (Default view): A list of all the predictive models calculated and stored in your account is presented, including information such as the name assigned to the training data set, the date the model was created, the type of analysis used, among others.

  2. View sorted by assets: It groups the models according to the assets you have registered in your Predictto account. It particularly reveals the model with the highest criticality predicted for each of them.

  3. View sorted by parts: Similar to the view sorted by assets, with the quality of grouping the models according to the parts of assets registered in Predictto.

Quicker access indicators

On the right side of the list you can see one indicator shaped as a sphere that translates the critical state in which the asset is; the green color indicates that there is still time to perform maintenance, and the red indicates that the time or the optimal time to perform maintenance.

It's also important to mention that the indicators based on the information contained in diagnoses.

Elimination and recalculation of various models

You can select multiple models to delete or recalculate them in a single click. If the Re-training option is pressed, the analysis parameters established in the first time will be kept, but the most recent data collected from the meter that was selected when creating the model will be included.

Diagnostics view

To obtain more information about the results of the analysis, just click on the button "Diagnostics view".

If you want to know more about the tools located there go to the following section of diagnostic tools.

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