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Fracttal BI is a module that allows you to create different types of reports according to the needs of each user. It is possible to obtain different graphs combining the multiple variables that are in Fracttal One, this information allows to obtain a compact analysis of the different traceability, allowing in a practical way to know the states of the management and from this to take all the decisions that go in favor of the continuous improvement.

To make these reports, different fields must be completed to illustrate the data in a correct and simple way. Now there is a new feature known as default charts where the most common and relevant charts for most users are offered, thus further streamlining the generation of reports, since depending on the type of chart and the data source, the information can be obtained by default.

Procedure to generate predetermined graphs

1. Enter the Fracttal BI sub-module.

2. Go to the dashboard where you want to create the new chart and select new widget or click on the icon (+).

3. Assign a name to the graphic and select the Default Charts option and click the Next button.

4. Select the Chart Type and the Data Source, this will filter the supported options.

It is also possible to directly select the type of chart among the options, where the type of graph and the data source are detailed and illustrated.

5. Click on the Finish button

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