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Suggested planned maintenance (Beta)
Suggested planned maintenance (Beta)
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When creating an asset in the catalogs module, Fracttal One makes a recommendation of planned maintenance created by our team of specialists within our Library of maintenance plans for import. When the name of the asset is typed in when creating it, Fracttal One checks the database of available plans, suggesting to the user the planned maintenances that could be useful.

If you wish to see the suggested planned maintenances, just click on the "YES" option, and the platform will send you to a new window in which you will see both the list of suggested plans (with their compatibility percentage) and the general list with all the existing plans in your base.

When you choose one of the plans, you are immediately given the option to setup the planned maintenance linked to the asset:

  • Last WO date

  • Setup triggers

  • Setup subtasks

When the setup is completed and click on 'Save', the chosen planned maintenance is linked to the created asset.

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