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Alarm configuration in Fracttal X device
Alarm configuration in Fracttal X device
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The alarm configuration allows Fracttal X to send data to the platform, skipping the sampling time when the threshold is reached. Fracttal X is also equipped with a buzzer to activate the audible alarm on site, when the programmed condition is met.

HIGH Alarm: High alarm value limit.

LOW alarm: Low alarm value limit.

NOTE: Configure the available inputs or sensors according to Fracttal X model, for digital 1 logic alarm set the value to 0.9.

When you finish the configuration press the SAVE button at the end of the web page to save the changes click OK and we are almost ready to transmit.

NOTE: If at the moment of pressing the SAVE button, the Accept window is not active, validate that the equipment is in AP/MODE screen, otherwise go back to enter and perform the configuration again.

This last step allows us to restart the equipment, when applying this process all the configurations made will be saved in the internal memory of the Fracttal X, in this way the device will start working on these configurations. To do this, it is necessary to press the lightning bolt icon located at the bottom right of the screen.

NOTE: The device will restart automatically.

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