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How to configure communication between Fracttal X and Fracttal One
How to configure communication between Fracttal X and Fracttal One
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The following is the procedure for the communication configuration and data transfer between our Fracttal X device and Fracttal One, the intelligent maintenance platform:

Note: Your business account must have the meter module active to perform this operation.

Enter new Fracttal X

In the following window you will find the list of active Fracttal X devices in the business account. To enter a new Fracttal X click on the add icon, as shown in the following image.

You will see the window for linking Fracttal X to the company account, By clicking on the MAC tab, an auxiliary window will be activated on the right side, to select the Fracttal X device available for registration, identified with its MAC, then add the description of the IoT device and click on save to finish.

Note: Your company must have active Fracttal X devices in order to select the device MAC.

Meter API code

In the general information of the selected Fracttal X device, the meter API code will be available to perform the integration. The use of the API will be necessary to enter it in the Fracttal X configuration page, which we will see in the following section.

Note: The API code is required to display data on Fracttal meters and must be associated with its corresponding MAC.

Add new meter

By clicking on Meters in the Monitoring module of the Fracttal One main menu, using the add icon, you will see the window to create a meter, as shown in the following image. Create the meter with topology in easy to identify description including the type of sensor or variable of the meter.


1. Depends on another meter: optional it is not necessary to do this operation.

2. Is part of: The asset or part to associated with the meter must be selected.

3. Serial: It is optional to make reference to the MAC identification of the meter.

4. Unit: It is selected from the unit catalog according to the sensor.

5. Counter/ Accumulator: Used to monitor cumulative variables such as mileage or hour meter.

Meter configuration

Selecting the meter tab, we will have available the meter created in the add new meter section, the associated data will be loaded as shown in the following image, to continue with the configuration we select the type of sensor and port number. The port configuration information is physically available on the Fracttal X device label, to finish we click on save.


1. The use of easily identifiable meter topology is recommended.

2. The type of sensor selected should be in accordance with the Fracttal X model and its corresponding ports and available sensors,

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