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Fracttal X installation
Fracttal X installation
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Verify that the equipment is in perfect physical condition, no scratches on the screen, no bumps or deformations on the casing.

  1. Verify that no part of the equipment is loose or loose.

  2. Ensure that the installation site does not receive direct sunlight or water, this equipment is not waterproof.

  3. Handle the equipment with care, a fall can cause damage to the screen, the casing or the internal components of the equipment.

  4. This equipment is powered through a power cable that can be connected to an electrical source from 100 VAC to 2.

  5. The installation site must have an electrical outlet no more than 1.30 meters away from the equipment, and must be of the characteristics mentioned in the previous point.

  6. The equipment requires access to wifi connection, ensure that the place where the equipment is going to be anchored has wifi network coverage without any restriction.

Tools and installation preparation.

To perform the installation you will need the following tools:

  1. A drill bit.

  2. A ¼ in. wall drill bit, use a short bit for the drill bit, use a 6mm screw.

  3. A screwdriver for the assembly.

To anchor the Fracttal X to the wall you must drill 4 holes where you are going to anchor the unit, these holes must match the holes that are in the anchor fins of the central unit, as shown in the following image:

Note: After drilling the holes on the surface, insert the 4 anchor holes and proceed to install the central unit with the screws.

Installation of input peripherals

It has 6 24 VDC digital inputs, related by the color of their cables as shown in the following image:

  • Wire 1: 6 24VDC Digital Inputs

  • BLACK: GND identified in black color.

Note: Polarize the input with an industrial standard 24 VDC source.

Fracttal communication ports

The port configuration is visible on the physical label with the port configuration path in Fracttal.

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