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How to change the super administrator of my Fracttal account?
How to change the super administrator of my Fracttal account?
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IMPORTANT: This procedure can only be performed directly by the person who currently holds the super administrator or SUPER_ADMIN user of the account.

If you must change the super administrator of the account, the following procedure is required:

  1. Verify that the person (inhouse personnel or contact within an third parties) who is going to be the new SUPER_ADMIN is not added in the corresponding catalog. That is, it must not be added in the inhouse personnel or Third Parties module.

2. Once this has been verified, it is necessary to validate that the new e-mail address to be assigned as SUPER_ADMIN is spelled correctly.

3. Then, with the SUPER_ADMIN account you must enter the inhouse personnel module to edit the profile, where you must replace the data (First Name, Last Name and Email) of the current SUPER_ADMIN with the data of the person you wish to assign as the new SUPER_ADMIN of the platform.

4. Go (with the same SUPER_ADMIN account) to Settings>User Accounts in order to identify the user profile that you have edited (i.e. the SUPER_ADMIN profile).

Note: This will appear with the name created in the inhouse personnel file that was edited in the previous steps, but with the e-mail of the old SUPER_ADMIN.

5. Then, go to the profile identified in step 4 (that of the SUPER-ADMIN) to edit the e-mail, for this, we only need to replace the e-mail with the new e-mail of who will be the new SUPER_ADMIN.

6. Finally, just click on save and the system will send an email to set the password for the new SUPER_ADMIN access to the platform.

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