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Account blocking for unsuccessful attempts
Account blocking for unsuccessful attempts
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In case your company has configured a password security option, it is possible that your access account will be blocked after several unsuccessful attempts to enter a password incorrectly. This measure is taken for security purposes, in order to protect your information from being exposed to malicious people.

In case your password has been blocked, we have two ways to reset the login to the platform:

  • Password recovery:

  1. One of the ways we have to unlock your account is through the "forgot my password" option, as shown below:

  2. Once you click on "forgot password", you will get a confirmation message at the bottom right, in green, stating "An email has been sent to your email address with further instructions on how to reset your password".

  3. Go to your email inbox or, failing that, in spam, look for an email with the following address: Fracttal [email protected].

  4. Once you are inside the sent email, click on "Change Password".

  5. After clicking, you will be redirected to a link where you can change your password (remember to create a secure password).

  6. Once the new password has been entered, click on the "CHANGE" button.

  7. After changing the password, you will get a confirmation message on the bottom right hand side where it says "Your password has been changed", and in turn, you will receive a confirmation email with the name "Password reset".


  • Keep in mind that this token has a maximum duration of 72 calendar hours.

  • Due to the security of our customers' information, Fracttal's support team ([email protected]) does not have the permissions to enable, unlock or create user accounts in our customers' databases, so it will not be possible to help you directly from our support channels.

  • Unblocking of user by an administrator

The second option to unlock an account is through the intervention of one of the designated administrators on your Fracttal One account. These administrators will be sent an email with the following message: 'User needs help unlocking their Fracttal account', which will contain a short video explaining the step-by-step process.

If you want to see this second step in more detail, click on the following link:

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