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How to generate a work request from the guest portal?
How to generate a work request from the guest portal?
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The guest portal is an addon that will allow companies to expand the scope of their services and include people who are not Fracttal users in their daily management, allowing them to generate work requests. With this functionality it will not be required to be a user of the platform or any type of login, since any person to whom this portal is shared could generate a report that specifies the need to be solved in a more timely manner and therefore speed up the service.

Process to generate a request from the guest portal.

Having the Addon previously activated.

  1. Open the Configuration module.

2. Open the Guest Portal sub-module.

3. Click on the edit option to configure the fields as we want the person to see them when creating a request, we can also define which of these must be mandatory.

4. Compartir el enlace público del portal de invitados dando clic en la opción copiar.

With this, any person with this link will be able to generate a work request, therefore, any request coming from the portal will be identified with the status "Created from the guest portal".

Guest portal view.

Once the work request has been submitted, the Fracttal administrator will be able to see it and identify it by its "created from guest portal" status.

A request sent from the guest portal may be deleted at the discretion of the administrator, in the event that you wish to attend to it, you must change the status from "Created from the guest portal" to "Open" by accessing the request and changing the status.

After this action, the request will be registered and will be managed as the flow of any request in Fracttal.

For more information visit the next link.

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