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Now in Fracttal you will be able to create public QR codes, which will allow any user not registered in Fracttal to read the codes that are available in the different equipment, being able to observe the maintenance histories of the asset (the last 50 preventive tasks will be shown).

Since the code is public, it can be read from any application or device and no registration or dependence on a Fracttal account is required.

Note: To this functionality we have added the guest portal addon with which a user not registered in Fracttal will be able to create work requests.

Process for setting up public QR codes

To generate a public QR code, just go to the general tab of the asset you want to configure and then go specifically to the field called "Public QR".

Once there, you must click on the options button that you will find in that field, where two options will be displayed:

  • Generate: Option that allows you to generate a unique ULR consisting of "" followed by a standard identifying UUID code.

  • Open: Option that allows you to open the public URL associated with the asset's guest portal.

Once the options are displayed, just click on "Generate" and the system will automatically create the URL of the public QR code.

Then, click on the "Save" button to keep all the changes made to the QR configuration.

Finally, if you wish to view the guest portal associated with the asset in question, just click on "Open" to open a new window with the public request portal.


  • To generate the QR code image, a QR code generator should be used preferably by means of the URL created, later it should be printed to be able to install in the desired asset.

  • All requests sent through this portal will have a status that allows to differentiate which requests come from this functionality, so that they can be eliminated in the event that requests are generated that do not make sense for the service provided.

  • If you wish to link the URL of the guest portal with the internal QR code of the asset, you must enter this URL in the "Barcode" field.

  • We can also associate the guest URL with the internal QR code of the asset from the mobile application by logging in, to do this we must go to the field "Barcode" and click on the option to read QR code, once clicked the reader will open, read the QR and automatically register the URL and finish by clicking on SAVE.

  • When the QR code reading is detected, the portal will open where you will be able to visualize at the bottom each of the planned tasks that have been executed for this asset. Also, it will be possible to make work requests for the asset in question.

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