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Minimum requirements to use Fracttal mobile
Minimum requirements to use Fracttal mobile
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Take your processes to the next level with the mobility and benefits offered by the Fracttal one app.

· Quickly identify your assets using QR codes or NFC tags

· Receive and act your incidents in real type

· Generate and execute your Work Orders from your mobile device

· Plan your maintenance from anywhere.

· Manage your team, suppliers, and customers from one place.

· Keep your reports and KPI reports at hand in real time.

All this and more, Fracttal one is the mobility you've been hoping, "download it now".

Minimum requirements:

For iOS devices:

· iOS 12x or higher.

For Android devices:

· Android 10.0 or superior system

· 4gb ram as minimum

· Minimum internal storage of 32gb

· NFC Reader

· Support with api 21+

· Google Chrome support

· Android WebView with chrome version 60 or higher

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