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Can't sign in to your Fracttal Account?
Has your login token expired? Make the request again.
Has your login token expired? Make the request again.

If the link to create your account expires after 72 hours of sending the email. You will need to follow these steps.

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Has your Token to reset your password expired?

If you let more than 72 hours pass after receiving the e-mail to set your password for the first time, you will see this message:

To reset your password, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Go to the Fracttal login page:

STEP 2: Enter your email and click the "Next" button

STEP 3: Select the Company Account you want to access to (if you are only registered to one account, skip this step)

STEP 4: Click "Forgot password"

You will see a message on the bottom of the page: "An e-mail has been sent to your email address where you will find further instructions to reset your password"

STEP 5: If you don't receive an e-mail, check your bulk or SPAM folder for an email from <[email protected]> with instructions. Click "Change Password"

Note: If your Token expires again, you will need to go back to STEP 1.

STEP 6: Finally set your new password

Your password has been successfully changed!

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