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Advanced Warehouse functionalities
Advanced Warehouse functionalities
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The “Advanced Warehouse functionalities” add-on activates additional features, principally in the “Warehouses” module, from our main menu in the warehouses module:

  1. Extra options in the general configuration of each warehouse.

  2. Automatically output a material requisition within a warehouse.

  3. Enable the 'material requisitions' sub-module within the requisitions module.

1) Extra general configuration options

When creating or opening a warehouse, you will see 2 verification checkboxes with the following options:

  • Allow negative stock

  • Request approval for materials requisitions created

  • Request approval for transfers entries

  • Allow negative stock

    When “Allow negative stock” is activated, it allows you to perform material outputs even when you don’t have the requested amount. Normally this situation would generate a message telling you “There isn’t sufficient inventory in the Warehouse,” but this way there wouldn’t be any problem in carrying out the process and it would be reflected in the inventory as follows:

  • Request approval for materials requisitions created

    When “Request approval for materials requisitions created” is activated, material outputs through work orders are blocked so that in order to approve the output requisitions, you have to go to the materials requisition waiting to be approved and, in the options menu, there will be a toggle.

When you click on this toggle, another option window will open where a user is detected. Simply enter information in the comments and it will give access to allow the materials requisition output.

  • Request approval for transfers entries

    With the option 'Request approval for entries by transfers' activated, it is possible to request approval of entries coming by transfer between warehouses, this is enabled in the destination warehouse:

2) Material request automatic outputs

A function can be added in the “Dispatcher” that allows you to carry out warehouse outputs automatically from materials requisitions. To do this, go to the main menu at the upper left.

From the main menu, go to the “Dispatcher” module.

Click on the add symbol at the lower right to create a new rule.

That will take you the first of three tabs that you can configure for the rule.

Select the “Module,” “Submodule” and “Event” that you will use for the rule.

Module: Warehouses, Submodule: Materials Requisitions, Event: New materials requisition

Then you can add a condition that must be met and the rule will be activated.

In “Actions” select the option “Generate Warehouse output automatically,” then select the person responsible for the output and the rule will have been generated successfully.

3) Materials requests

You can also enable the “Purchase Requests” function that allows you to generate requests that you can later use for purchase orders.

To make a purchase request, go to the main menu at the top left of the screen.

Go to the “Requests” module and then select “Purchase Requests.”

By clicking on the add symbol, you can create new materials requests where you can include in your purchase everything that is missing in the warehouse.

Once it has been saved, it will appear on the list of all purchase requests.

Then go to the Warehouses module. Go to Purchase Orders and click on the add symbol at the lower right to create a new purchase order.

In the “Reference/Purchase Request” field, select the purchase request.

All of the products added in the request will appear and then fill in the additional information such as Supplier, Conditions, etc. You can also add to or modify the selected products.

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