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How to create a free account on Fracttal One (Fracttal One Free)?
How to create a free account on Fracttal One (Fracttal One Free)?
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Our free version of Fracttal One, Free, offers a light form of our CMMS/GMAO Fracttal One, in a 100% cloud solution, accessible from any location and device with the same quality, security and infrastructure of our Fracttal solutions.

Fracttal One Free includes the ability to register unlimited assets such as equipment and locations, technicians and human resources, access to create planned and unplanned tasks, work order management, business intelligence and much more. It is an ideal solution to take the first step and switch from spreadsheets and even pen and paper, to being able to truly manage.

To create an account in Fracttal One Free click on the following button.

To register, just enter an e-mail (preferably a personal account) and click on the “Create an account” option.

Then, the system will send you an e-mail with instructions about how to create your user account in Fracttal Community:

The following e-mail will arrive in your inbox (or spam folder), with the link to complete the process of setting up your account in Fracttal Community; click on the blue button ‘complete registration’.

To complete your registration, enter all the required information and click on ‘create new account’:

With this, you will finally be able to log in to Fracttal One Free, your free account, by logging into the site with your e-mail and the password created.

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