How to use Fracttal BI?
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Fracttal BI is a tool that allows you to create custom dashboards containing widgets. In the widgets we can create in a customized way graphs with different data sources such as Work Queue tasks, meter readings, task plans, my work requests and work orders.

There are different types of graphs: area, line, column, bar, pie, polar zone, radar, radial bar, box, bubble, candlestick, heat map, scatter, timeline, treemap and table. The choice of the type of graph will depend largely on the data source to be analyzed.

For an example, we will plot the inlet and outlet temperatures of a cooling tower over time. The first thing to do is to create the panel, define a description and a predetermined time range.

We add a new widget.

Select a graphic name and chart type.

We add the data source.

Once we have defined the data sources, we are done.

Then, we can define the size of our widget and save the changes, this way we have finished the creation of the widget in Fracttal BI.

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