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How do I use the offline mode in the mobile application?
How do I use the offline mode in the mobile application?
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To create a WO offline, we must first enter the mobile app´s main menu.

We’ll then enter the Tasks > Work Orders module.

We will select the WO we want to work on offline.

A button with the phrase “Download Offline” will appear.

Once selected, it will send a message indicating that the Offline mode will be enabled when our mobile device is either disconnected from the internet, or set in airplane mode.

It will temporarily download all the information from the selected WO to our device (while working offline).

It will also ask if we want to download the attached files.

On the screen, we will then notice the phrase “Available Offline” beside the

“Sync” button. In this phase we can work on the WO without an internet connection.

Once the WO has been prepared, we will return to the beginning of the task where confirmation will be prompted to send the WO for review, where it can be accepted and signed in the usual way.

Having finished the WO, we can activate connection to internet networks again; it will show a confirmation indicating that a connection to the internet has been detected, and asking whether we wish to synchronize the data saved on the WO in the Offline mode.

Lastly, after confirmation, we will see an image with our WO folio beside the phrase “Synchronized Successfully”.

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