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How to complete a WO from a mobile device
How to complete a WO from a mobile device
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We must first navigate to the main menu.

Then, we will enter the Tasks > Work Orders module.

Now, we´ll select the WO we want to work on.

We will then click on the arrow-shaped button to access the different options and begin our WO task.

Once we enter, we will see the tabs we´ll have to complete on our work order. We must click on the start button on the lower left so it can begin to register the execution time automatically.

The sub-task tab will show us the activity check list with the different steps to follow in order to complete the work order.

In the resources tab we can add the different types of resources that were used to complete the tasks by clicking on the plus symbol on the lower right part of our device.

Remember the different types of resources we can add to a work order:

  • Inventory: Resources within our warehouses.

  • Inhouse Personnel: Inhouse Personnel with a detail of the value of ordinary hours.

  • Services: Those services provided by a third party

  • Inventory (Non-Catalogued): Resources that are not registered in our warehouses.

  • Service (Non-Catalogued): Services that are not registered in our third parties.

We will also have the attachments tab where we can upload files, photos, notes, and reference links by clicking on the plus symbol on the lower right.

When using the attach document option, we will see a button with the phrase “Drag files or click to Browser”; clicking that option will display a menu to select whether we want to upload a photo from our gallery, take a photo with our camera, or search for a document within our device.

Once the image has been attached, the phrase “Add a description” will appear on the right, together with a pencil icon. Click on the icon to enter a description of the uploaded image.

When the work order has been completed, stop the timer on the lower left. We can also see that the time taken to execute the work order, is shown on the right. Then, click on the arrow on the top left to return to the beginning of the WO.

The application will show a confirmation message stating that the WO has a 100% progress rate and will ask if we want to send it for review. If the order is complete, click on “YES”.

A window will open prompting for a signature, rating and details of the signer accepting the work on the order.

The work order will pass to WO in review and it will be the supervisor or administrator´s duty to check if the work order was fulfilled correctly.

Once the work order has been validated, press the three dots on the top right and in the displayed menu, click Send to completed WO´s.

Finally, it will show us a message indicating the order has a 100% percentage, and when closing this work order, the dates of the new tasks will be recalculated and those that are yet to be completed will be marked as pending. In order to continue

and set the work order as Done, the prompt must be confirmed with a YES.

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