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An Unplanned Task can be added from any of the following Work Order modules views (Kanban, Calendar, and Work Queues)

1. Click the “Add” button located in the bottom right hand-side of the preferred view to add an unplanned task:

Kanban view

Calendar View

Work Queues (List view)

2. A “Non Scheduled Tasks” window will open. In this window, complete the 4 step process (Asset, Task, Sub Task, Resource) required for completing the unplanned task.

After logging the asset information, we will continue with the task-related fields

In the next step we will define the information associated with the sub-tasks included in the work order

We will then associate the resources needed to complete the WO and finalize its creation.

For more information on unplanned work orders, please refer to our article How to create unplanned work orders?

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