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How to generate the API secret for integration
How to generate the API secret for integration
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Fracttal offers its clients a service (FRACTTAL API) that allows you to access your company to maintain updated information, connect external applications and have instant access to your data.

The data that the client needs to connect to FRACTTAL API are the unique ID and a SECRET PASSWORD that can be generated from the platform.

To access the API secret that will allow you to connect to the service, log in to the account as a “superadministrator” and then go to options>settings:

In the settings menu, go to the “API Connections” submenu.

There, you’ll see the connection password or API Key needed to establish a connection to the service. Access to the API secret is only available to the “superadministrator” user by clicking on the “see API secret” button. Keep in mind that when you generate a new API secret, the previous one is deleted:

Once you confirm the generation of the API secret, it is shown and available for use in the user code.

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