NFC (Near-field communications) is a wireless communications technology mainly used to identify and validate persons or assets; in this case, it identifies the different assets created in the Fracttal One platform, therefore, it is important to understand the procedure followed to configure both the reading devices that use this technology, and the Tags to be read.

Now from the Fracttal One mobile application, not only will you be able to read your NFC tags, but also edit them so when you install them in the corresponding equipment, you will be able to see the details of the asset, generate an unplanned task, or create a new work request.

Process for writing an NFC using Android

1. Open the asset you want to enter in the available tag and click on the “WRITE NFC” button.

2. When the message “READY TO SCAN” is displayed, bring the device close to the tag, an approval messaged will then appear confirming that the writing was correctly done.

Process for writing an NFC using IOS

The process for IOS is precisely the same as Android, the only difference is that, when clicking on the “WRITE NFC” button, the message and interface vary as seen in the following figure:

You just need to bring the device close to the tag and the writing will be done correctly.

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