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Why should I implement a Software such as Fracttal One in my company? I currently use Excel. What benefits would I have?
Why should I implement a Software such as Fracttal One in my company? I currently use Excel. What benefits would I have?
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An asset management solution with the scope of Fracttal One is essential for any company that wants to optimize its maintenance management, since it is designed to properly update and use the enormous amount of information that companies must document and always have available.

Fracttal One substitutes human, manual control and the margin of error that this entails with precise, scientific and statistic indexes that bring about a laudable asset management as well as real and objective, evidence-based decision-making. It eliminates the need to print work orders on paper, it helps control supplies and inventories, manage staff, manage planned and unplanned work activities, keep a detailed consumption log and determine the exact number of pieces and spare parts needed in inventory in order to meet maintenance demands.

Fracttal One guarantees the operational continuity of the company´s assets, anticipating disruptions and shut downs before they occur, since it helps you manage, from simple inspection routines, periodical maintenance, adjustments, lubrication and part replacements, to tracking conditions in real time that the Internet of Things (IoT) allows us on our Fracttal X devices.

Damage in a part due to a lack of maintenance can cause disruptions that paralyze production for hours or even days, resulting in big losses; hence, the importance of having a solution to efficiently manage preventive maintenance tasks, avoiding production shut downs.

But that´s not all. Extending the useful life of business assets and guaranteeing their proper operation, Fracttal One also helps reduce risks in the workplace by maintaining or even improving quality in production as well as the quality standards of your products and services.

Fracttal One is a tool with a user experience so intuitive, that it reduces or practically eliminates the need to train users. It also helps organize the efficiency of the workforce, and enables the management of essential statistics to increase productivity levels. From the knowledge and observation of statistics, direct relationships can be established between registered losses and effectiveness in the operation of certain equipment, work methods, or productive strategies.

The correct handling of this information will influence the possibility of taking corrective measures to modify processes and increase the quality levels of the products and services.

In consequence, it’s very important that organizations of all types and sizes, rely on a solution such as Fracttal One, which enables the control of the entire life cycle of an asset and the anticipated planning of the activities of each component.

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