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What is a CMMS such as Fracttal One?
What is a CMMS such as Fracttal One?
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Fracttal One is an innovative solution for asset management that, by integrating the benefits of a CMMS or GMAO maintenance management and EAM business assets management software, with the mobility of an APP and the immediacy of the Internet of Things, offers control of all your company’s assets in one place.

Fracttal One is an intelligent, modern, secure, intuitive, easy-to-use, and 100% cloud-based maintenance platform, designed to offer control over all your company´s assets, simplifying your work and bringing forth a pleasant user experience, anytime, anywhere.

With Fracttal One, companies can plan, organize and execute the maintenance of all types of equipment, supplier control, human resources management, spare parts and inventory management, maintenance expenses, budget management, emergencies and guarantees. All this with powerful statistical indicators and KPIs, in a friendly and fast web interface.

Fracttal One is 100% mobile, designed to offer employees who constantly work outside the premises, a tool where they can instantly access maintenance or inspection routes, receive alerts and perform tasks through their mobile devices.

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