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What will I find in Predictto?
What will I find in Predictto?
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Predictive models

In this section you can find all the predictive models calculated for different devices. The name of the data grouping (assigned by the user), the type of analysis used in the model, the date of creation or calculation of the model, and the start and end dates of the data considered, in addition to the amount of data used. By click the VIEW DIAGNOSTIC button, you will enter the Diagnostics page of your model, where detailed information about the model will be displayed. For more information on how to interpret the information presented in Diagnostics , check the section Interpretation of a predictive model.


In this section you can perform tests, uploading files with measurements of some monitored variable over a period of time, or failure records. This data can be associated to a new asset or to an existing one, which will allow you to calculate predictive models with data uploaded by you through ModelLab.


In this section you can select the parameters that will allow you to calculate a new predictive model. It is important that you are clear about the type of analysis you want to use, for which we invite you to review the first part of this guide, in case you haven't already. For more details on how to build the model to be calculated, check the Creating a predictive model article. The models already calculated can be found in the Predictive models section. In addition, in this section you can synchronize the information of your assets with Fracttal, and also with external sources (such as measures) that you have associated with your Predictto account.

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