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Quick start in Fracttal One
Quick start in Fracttal One
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Fracttal is the simplest and most powerful way to manage assets and maintenance. That is why we have designed this short guide to help users understand and take their first steps on the platform.

First step: Access the platform and get to know its modules.

Once you are registered in Fracttal, the system will send you an e-mail to create your credentials

Note: After setting your login & password, you will be able to access your Fracttal database via a web browser or the mobile application.

Second step: Upload your assets to the platform

Once you are in the platform, you can begin by uploading the assets to be managed. For this, you can to catalogues menu and assets section, where you will have different categories such as locations, equipments, tools, etc.

Third step: Add your inhouse personnel

The next step is to add the people who are part of the maintenance team to the system. These will participate in the execution of the maintenance tasks that will be managed through the platform.

Fourth step: Add your third parties

The next step is to add the third party companies to the system. These can be whether end customers, service providers, equipment suppliers or manufacturers.

Fifth step: Create a task plan

The fifth step is to create task plans for your assets. For this, you need go to the Work Management module, and Planned Maintenance. There, you need to add each and every one of the tasks and associate them with your assets. Each one of these are independent in terms of frequency and activation.

Sixth step: Manage your work orders

Finally, the system will show you the activities pending to be executed. You will be able to plan them by means of work orders, which you can assign to your maintenance team members for their execution.

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