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How to Edit Third Parties
How to Edit Third Parties
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To edit an existing third party, do the following:

1. Select the third party you wish to edit.

2. The system will display a bar with the options to edit, delete and more.

3. To edit a Contractor or Service Provider, click on the “Edit” icon.

4. The Third Parties module will open in a new window

There you will find the following options:

  • General: General information about the third party.

  • Custom Form: Group of personalized tags with additional information about the third party.

  • Branches: List of the third party’s branches.

  • Contacts: Contact person within the third party. Keep in mind that these contacts are the people who can be responsible for a WO assigned to a third party.

  • Services: Lists the different services and costs offered by the third party. These services can be added and their costs can be calculated within a WO.

  • Historical: Lists the history of movements associated with the warehouses.

  • Attachments: List where you can add, visualize, edit or download the attached files, links and notes of the third party.

  • Document Management: Documents or warranties subject to expiration that are associated with the third party.

  • Active: Allows you to enable or disable the third party so that it’s no longer visible on the rest of the platform (it will only be visible in activities from before disabling).

5. To edit or make any changes to the third-party, select the field that you want to edit and make the required changes. To save your changes click the “Save” button located at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

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