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How to Add Third Parties?
How to Add Third Parties?
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There are 2 methods for adding Third Parties to the Fracttal platform:

  • Method 1 – Manually (one by one directly in the platform)

  • Method 2 – Bulk Imports (through importing excel based import sheets)

(To add 3rd Parties in bulk, refer to the imports section)

Method 1 - Manual add option:

To manually add a third-party Contractor, Supplier or Client to the platform, do the following:

1. Click the "Add” button located at the bottom right of the Third Parties window.

2. The Third Parties module will open in a new window. In the “General tab, complete the information applicable to the contractor or service provider you want to add to the system.

Note: the “Name” and “Code” fields cannot remain blank and must be completed in order to create and save your changes.

The required data is the following:

  • Names: Name of the third party.

  • Code: Fiscal identifier or identity card of the third party.

  • Type: In Fracttal there are four types of third parties (Service Provider, Manufacturer, Provider, Client), where a third party is allowed to cover more than one option.

  • Website: Website of the contractor, service provider or third party.

  • Group 1 and Group 2: Refers to free fields left by the platform to be completed as required.

  • City, Address, Department / State / Region, Country, Area Code: Information related to the location of the third party.

  • Latitude, longitude: Fields that are automatically added when utilizing the map search function.

  • Email: Contractor, Service provider or third-party email

  • Fax, SMS Telephone, Primary and Secondary Telephone numbers of the third party.

  • Conditions: A catalog of conditions.

  • Visible to all: Allows users to view the third-party information, regardless of the location of the platform access account.

  • Limit Access to This Location: This refers to the site or location where the third party is located or linked to within the system. Only users with access to the linked site or location will be able to view or select said profile.

3. After completing the information relating to the General tab, click the “Save” button located at the top right part of the window. The third party will now be registered in the system.

Note: When you do any type of editing, be sure to save the changes so they take effect.

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