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Third parties and how to access the module
Third parties and how to access the module
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The Third Parties module allows the user to manage the different contractors, suppliers, and the services that have been registered on the platform (There is no limit on registrations).

Note: It is important to mention that all access accounts to the platform (user, request or reading accounts) should first be registered in the Human Resources or Third-Party modules, as required.

The Third Parties module will consist of the following tabs:

  • General: General information referring to the third party.

  • Custom Form: Group of custom labels with additional information about the third party.

  • Branches: List of branches owned by the third party in question.

  • Contacts: Contact personnel within the third party. It must be taken into consideration that these contacts are the people who may appear as responsible for orders that are assigned to a third party.

  • Services: Lists the different services and costs offered by the third party. These services can be added, and their costs recorded within a work order.

  • Historical: Lists the history of movements associated with the third party within the warehouse module.

  • Attachments: Lists where you can add, view, edit or download files, links and attached notes from the third party.

  • Document Management: Documents or guarantees subject to expiration that is associated with the third party.

  • Active: This allows you to enable or disable the third party so that it is no longer visible in the rest of the platform (it will only be displayed in the activities prior to being disabled).

How to enter the Third Parties module?

To enter the Third Parties module, do the following:

1. Click on the "Menu” button located in the upper left part of the main bar of the platform.

2. Open the Catalogs menu

3. Click on “Third Parties”

4. The Third Parties module will open in a new window.

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