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How to edit inhouse personnel profile?
How to edit inhouse personnel profile?
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1. Select the profile to be modified so that the system displays a bar with the option to edit and delete.

2. To edit the personnel profile, click on the “Edit” icon

3. The system will redirect you to the data of the selected resource where you can edit the profile.

On this screen you will find the following option tabs:

  • General: General information referring to inhouse personnel.

  • Custom Forms: Group of custom labels with additional information about the inhouse personnel.

  • Assignment: List the number of tools that have been assigned to the inhouse personnel.

  • Attachments: List where you can add, view, edit, or download files, links, and notes attached to the inhouse personnel profile.

  • Document Management: Documents or certificates subject to expiration that are associated with inhouse personnel.

  • Teams: Set time zones and schedules for the specific person.

  • Active: Option that allows you to enable or disable the inhouse personnel so that it is no longer visible in the rest of the platform modules (it will only be displayed in the activities prior to being disabled).

4. Finally, click the “Save” button to register the changes on the system

5. To modify data in the inhouse personnel profile, just click on the field that you want to edit and then click save at the upper right corner of the platform.

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