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How to add inhouse personnel
How to add inhouse personnel
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There are 2 methods for adding inhouse personnel to the Fracttal platform:

  • Method 1 – Manually (one by one directly in the platform)

  • Method 2 – Bulk Imports (through importing excel based import sheets)

Note, for bulk uploading of inhouse personnel, see the Imports section.

Method 1 - Manual add option

1. Click on the add icon at the bottom right corner of the Inhouse Personnel window.

2. The Add inhouse Personnel window will open. In the General tab, complete the information corresponding to the inhouse personnel that you wish to add to the system.

The required data to complete the inhouse personnel is the following:

  • Names, Last names: Personal information of the inhouse personnel.

  • Code: Refers to the internal identification code belonging to the inhouse personnel (in many cases the identity card is used).

  • Group 1 and Group 2: Refers to open fields left in the platform for users to complete as required. For example, they can be used to describe the position, specialization, or department to which the inhouse personnel belongs.

  • City, Address, Department / State / Region, Country, Area Code: Information referring to the location of the inhouse personnel.

  • Latitude, longitude: Fields that are automatically added when utilizing the map search function.

  • Hourly Rate: Where the man-hour value of the inhouse personnel is defined.

  • Working Hours: The working hours of the inhouse personnel.

  • Email: The email address of the inhouse personnel.

  • Primary, Secondary Phone, Text (SMS) Phone: The phone numbers of the inhouse personnel.

  • Location: This refers to the location where the inhouse personnel is located within the system, taking into account the hierarchy that this represents for viewing said profile with respect to other users.

  • Signature (FIRM): Digital signature belonging to the inhouse personnel, (it is uploaded as an image of approximately 200 x 80 dimensions, the system auto-adjusts it) or there is also the possibility of adding the signature from this same field

  • Photo: Photography of the person.

3. After completing the information corresponding to the general tab, click on the “Save” button located in the upper right cortner of the window. The inhouse personnel is now registered in the system.

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