The Catalogs module consists of the following submodules:

  • Assets: A module that contains all the assets of the platform (Locations, Equipment, Tools, Spare Parts and Supplies, Digital).

  • Inhouse Personnel (Human Resources): A module that contains all the inhouse personnel of the company and that are related to maintenance management.

  • Contractors & Services (Third Parties): A module that contains all the third party information related to maintenance management (Service Providers, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Clients).

How to enter the Catalogs menu?

To enter the catalogs menu, do the following:

1. click on the “main menu” button that you will find in the upper left-hand part of the main bar.

2. The system displays a side bar with all the available modules and there you will click on "Catalogs".

3. When clicking Catalogs, the submodules contained (Assets, Inhouse Personnel and Third Parties) are displayed.

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