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How to make warehouse outgoing movements?
How to make warehouse outgoing movements?
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To make outgoing movements:

1. In the Warehouse, open the “Outgoings” tab

2. In the Outgoings tab, click the “Add” button

3. A new window will open, complete the information corresponding to the outgoing movement

4. Next, add the stock item that you wish to move out of the warehouse by clicking the “Add” button

5. A sidebar window will appear, in this window select the desired stock item from the dropdown list and add the quantity you want to remove

6. To save, click the “Save” button at the top right-hand of the screen.

Repeat steps 4-6 to add more stock items to the list of items to be removed

NOTE: It is important to mention that there are different ways by which stock items can be moved out of (depleted from) a warehouse. These types are:

  • Work order: By means of material requisitions associated with Work orders.

  • General: Refers to general issues from the warehouse, i.e. not against Work Orders

  • Return to the supplier: When stock is returned to the supplier from which a purchase was previously made.

  • Warehouse Transfer: When stock is transferred from one warehouse to another in the same platform

  • Assignment: When, for example, a tool assignment is made to a human resource.

7. Finally, after adding all the items, click the “Save” button to register the changes and create the outgoing movement.

8. The stock items will now be removed from the warehouse and its movement reflected in the “Outgoings” tab

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