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How to make Warehouse Entry Movements?
How to make Warehouse Entry Movements?
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To make entry movements, follow these steps:

  1. In the Warehouse Module, open the preferred “Warehouse” by selecting it from the list.

2. In the Warehouse screen open the “Entries” tab

3. In the Entries tab, click the “Add” button to add new entries.

4. A new window will open. Complete the information corresponding to the stock entry movement as seen in the example below

5. Next, add the stock item that you wish to add to the entry. To do this, click on the “Add” button

6. A sidebar window will appear. In this window select the desired stock item from the dropdown list and add the quantity.

7. To save and add the stock item to the entry, click the “Save” button at the top right-hand of the screen.

Repeat steps 5-7 to add more stock items. Note, only items previously created in this specific warehouse can be added into the entry movement

Note: It is important to mention that there are different methods by which a warehouse stock entry can be made to the system. These types of entries are as follows:

  • Purchase: A stock movement referring to the acquisition of a product for purchase (Note, purchases can refer to a previously created purchase order).

  • Return: A stock movement that refers to the return of material.

  • Manufacturer: A stock movement that refers to the manufacture of the material.

  • Assignment return: A stock movement that refers to the return of a tool previously assigned to a human resource.

8. Finally, after adding all the items, click the “Save” button to register the changes and create the entry movement.

9. The added entry will now be visible in the Entries screen

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