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How to generate a purchase order via the warehouse?
How to generate a purchase order via the warehouse?
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A purchase order is a document issued by the buyer to request an item from a supplier.

It is important to mention that, to generate a purchase order in the system the following criteria should be in place:

  • The supplier should have been previously registered in the “Third Parties” module

  • The item to be added to the purchase order must be linked to the supplier's stock store (warehouse) in question.

To generate a purchase order, do the following:

  1. In the Warehouse module, select the specific Warehouse e.g., EMEA Warehouse in this case.

A screen showing the general information of the warehouse will open

2. Next, enter the “Purchase Orders” tab

3. In the purchase orders tab, click the “Add” button located at the bottom right of the screen

4. After clicking the add button, a new window will open where all the required fields related to the purchase order to be generated must be established.

  • Supplier: A dropdown list where you can choose the supplier associated with the purchase order.

  • Cost Center: Catalog where you can choose which cost center the purchase of materials will be associated with.

  • Reference / Purchase Request: Document number that refers to the purchase request (it may be the reference of a material request if such functionality has been contracted). In addition, the reference can be useful when generating the entry of material to the warehouse. Note: You must have created a purchase request previously linked to this specific warehouse to that the purchase request can be used as reference.

  • Priority: The priority/urgency associated with the purchase order.

  • Conditions: A catalog of predefined purchase conditions e.g. Cash on delivery (COD)

  • Currency: The currency in which the purchase order is made. This list will depend on the catalog previously created in the Configuration-Financial module.

  • Exchange Value/Value change: The exchange rate difference between the system default currency and the selected purchase order currency. Note, this field is auto populated when the “Currency” field is filled in (Exchange rates are set in the Configuration-Financial module).

  • Note: A free field that allows the user to add any admin notes associated with the generated purchase order.

5. After completing the purchase order requirements, add the stock items that you would like to purchase, including the quantities required for each item (see the purchase request section on how to add stock items/spares)

6. Finally, click the “Save” button to save changes and create the purchase order in the system.

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