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How to make stock adjustments in a warehouse?
How to make stock adjustments in a warehouse?
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The Fracttal Warehouses module allows for various types of stock adjustments, these types are mentioned below:

  • Initial Inventory: This refers to the initial adding of stock in the warehouse and should ideally be carried out by performing a bulk import using Excel import sheets. This import will mark the first history of movements in the warehouse and can only be carried out once (an initial inventory bulk import can only be carried out once, after that all additional inventory must be added manually, one at a time).

  • Inventory Adjustment: A type of movement that allows for cost and quantity adjustments to be made to existing stock items in the warehouse.

  • Physical Inventory: Like an Inventory Adjustment but only allows quantity adjustments to be made to existing stock items in the warehouse. NOTE: It is important to mention that the unit costs of the existing items within the warehouses are valued through the average entry costs.

To make stock adjustments to the warehouse, do the following:

  1. Select a warehouse and open the “Stock” tab.

  2. Next, click on the “Options” menu found in the upper right-hand part of the screen.

3. The options menu will display the type of adjustments available.

4. For this example, we will select “Inventory adjustment”.

5. Click “Yes” to confirm (Note, confirming activates the editing mode which blocks access to the warehouse main menu until the process is completed).

6. You are now in Stock (Inventory Adjustment) mode

7. Select the item to modify by clicking on it.

8. An edit window will open where you can make the desired changes or updates.

Note: A red triangle will appear next to the item, this indicates that changes to the stock item have been made but not confirmed.

10. To confirm changes, select the item

11. Open the “Options” menu

12. In the options menu, select, “Finish Inventory Adjustment” to confirm changes and exit edit mode.

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