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The fields configuration option allows the user to customize certain parameters in the Assets module by, for example, adding or removing Column Headers (Fields) from the Asset List View. Additionally, it allows the user to create the "description" field of the assets according to the selected concatenation.

How to configure fields?

To configure fields, you have to access the list of the type of asset whose fields you want to modify (for example locations, Equipment, Tools, Digital or Spare Parts).

Then you expand the additional options menu and select “Fields Configuration.”

When you click on fields configuration, the system will show a new window where you can modify the fields shown and create the description field when you select from the available fields.

The fields that can be edited are the following:

  • Name

  • Maker

  • Model

  • Serial Number

  • Extra 1

  • Extra 2

Once the configuration is complete, click on the save button to implement the changes.

Note: Except for locations, the description field can be created for any type of asset registered on the platform.

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