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Location or "is part of” filter and how to use it?
Location or "is part of” filter and how to use it?
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In Fracttal, assets can be organized following a tree hierarchy structure, where parent assets can have one or multiple child / sub assets located under them. This parent-to-child relationship allows the "is Part of" location filter, to search for the child assets located below the selected parent asset.

Example: If the database has a main location named Parent Company, which then has the sublocations Level 1 and Production area, which then contain a conveyor belt as equipment (see image), If we apply the filter to the Parent Company, the system will show us the data associated with the assets in that location (Level 1 – Production area and conveyor belt).

How to apply the “Is part of” location filter?

To apply the filter, click on the drop-down arrow located in the “Is part of” filter bar.

This will display a dropdown menu showing all the available assets that can be selected to perform the search filter.

Select the preferred asset from the list

Finally, by selecting the asset in question, the system updates and adjusts all the information contained in the Dashboard according to the selected asset.

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