In this submodule you can establish your work order correlative IDs. You can also configure them in the options for editing, printing and permissions associated with the work orders.

WO configuration parameters

Below you will find a brief explanation of the parameters that can be configured in this platform module:

  • Work Order ID: Here you can personalize the work order correlatives in terms of prefix and suffix, as well as the emission sequence of generated work orders.

  • Print Format: Here you can choose between three types of formats on the platform for your work orders. Note: The formats are not editable apart from the print options that you will find in this submodule.

  • Options: Corresponds to the different options that are available in terms of configuration, permissions and print options for work orders generated on the database.

  • Other Options: Corresponds to permissions associated with viewing costs, warehouses and work requests.

  • Sharing all WOs: Option that allows you to generate automatic links to share WOs.

Note: Once you have made the necessary changes, click on the save button to register those changes.

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