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User accounts and how to add a user account
User accounts and how to add a user account
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In this submodule you can establish and configure the access accounts as well as the permissions that each user will have on the platform, according to their functions and location in the system.

How to add a user account

To add a new user account, click on the add symbol at the lower right of the platform.

A new window will open where you can fill in the information corresponding to the user account you want to add to the system.

The parameters are as follows:

  • User Type: Option that allows you to identify if the account you are adding is a human resource or a third party.

  • Name, Email: Catalog that shows all the human resources or third parties that have been registered on the platform and that can be assigned a user account.

  • Profile: Corresponds to the type of profile or role that the user account will have on the platform.

  • Group Permissions: Catalog of the different permission groups that can be assigned to the user profiles.

  • Show only active Assets in Location: Option that allows you to localize the user account, taking into consideration the hierarchy and restrictions that this represents for viewing assets on the platform.

  • Allow Edit by User: This option allows the user to select their own default login module, giving them full control over these settings.

  • Display Main Dashboard: With this option enabled, the display of the main Fracttal Dashboard is restricted, which can be useful for users who only need access to certain parts of the platform.

  • Module: This feature allows the user to select the module they wish to open as the default login. However, the options available will be restricted according to the active modules assigned to the user's permission group.

  • Other options: Additional functions for configuring the user account.

Once you’ve filled in the requested fields, click on the save button at the upper right of the window to register the user account on the platform.

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